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La Sphère

  • Meeting space
  • Office
Fukugawa, Japan2020

La Sphère is located at the heart of the residence “Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny” of Immobilière Basse Seine, a residence in Harfleur of 180 social housing units that has undergone a major renovation with the support of Le Havre Seine Métropole

The building was printed in just one week, with all the wall elements being printed on site in the right places. La Sphere is 31 sqm and consists of 11 wall elements with a print time of 2 hours per wall.

Future of tomorrow

The Harfleur project, La Sphère, is the result of the innovative process developed by CyBe Construction. The walls of this 31 sqm space are made of 11 independent vertical major rooms 2.5 m high. The CyBe robot directly printed the concrete walls on site in different successive layers. The walls are therefore made up of 4 “skins” 3 cm thick to accommodate insulation and to create the post-beam structure inserted into the walls, which ensures resistance to loads and winds. To simplify the layout of La Sphère, the design also incorporates a complementary double wall inside.