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This house is available within our Lyve design label. All homes can be configured to your own wishes and needs. It is possible to play with the layout, size and spaces.

The robust villa is designed as a standard house of 120 m2, but can easily be extended. This house is life-proof and everything is on the ground floor. There are 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom, separate toilet and storage.

Optimal use of space with our robust villa layout

The Robust villa is designed to create as much livability as possible. The high walls create even more space optically. This house type is designed as a single layer that guarantees a comfortable living environment in every phase of life. We, therefore, call this house ‘life cycle proof’. The villa can be laid out according to one’s own wishes and needs. With no fewer than 2 bathrooms and spacious bedrooms on the ground floor, this house is not only suitable for today, but also for the future.

  • 1 Living room

  • 1 Dining room

  • 1 Kitchen

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • 1 Toilet

  • 1 Storage

  • 1 Master Bedroom

  • 1 Bedroom

Configure your own robust villa

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  • Rooms9
  • Min. Area120m2
  • Printed elements7
  • Est. cost$ …

Standard robust type