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Angled bungalow

  • House
Configure your own building

This house is available within our Lyve design label. All homes can be configured to your own wishes and needs. It is possible to play with the layout, size and spaces.

The angled bungalow is designed as a standard house of 50 m2, but can easily be extended. This house is life-proof and everything is on the ground floor. There are 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and storage.

Optimal use of space with our box house layout

The angled bungalow is a compact bungalow. It has compact living spaces and is designed to be easy to customize. The many windows give the house a lot of light, which is ideal for the layout of the house. The angled bungalow can also be extended to an extra floor, making it possible to create more living space. This makes the house suitable for all ages!

  • 1 Living room

  • 1 Dining room

  • 1 Kitchen

  • 1 Bathrooms

  • 1 Master Bedroom

Configure your own angled bungalow

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  • Rooms5
  • Min. Area50 m2
  • Printed elements9
  • Est. cost$ …

Standard angled type