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Lyve by CyBe

Owning your own house is not for everyone. At Lyve we want to change that globally!

We combine our Lyve designs with modern CyBe 3D concrete print technology. With this powerful combination we realize housing projects more efficiently than ever before. At Lyve we designed multiple houses that are designed by our own architects which are adjustable to your needs. Also we ensure that your building will be in accordance with local building laws and regulations. This drastically reduces project development times and costs. When all regulations are approved one of our local printing partners will contact you so we can plan the realization of your dream house!

About CyBe Construction

Old ways won’t open new doors! With this in mind CEO and founder Berry Hendriks wanted to redefine the global construction industry. Seeing the global issues of house shortages and the environmental impact of conventional building methods he decided it was time for change! Putting his fascination with building and innovation to the test, Berry started planning — and in November 2013, the award-winning CyBe Construction was born. Since then, CyBe has developed hardware, software, building materials, and learning platforms that are being used all over the world. Becoming a global leader for all aspects regarding concrete 3D printing, CyBe’s printing technology drastically reduces time, costs, resources and Co2 emission regarding construction.

Let’s build a sustainable future

CyBe Construction always keeps the future in mind. We cannot reuse the planet and believe that a better way of combining technology & resources is the key to a sustainable future. By reducing the usage of raw materials, transportation and physical intensive work we strive for a better environment for nature and employees.