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3D Housing 05

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Milan, Italy2018

In March 2018 we’ve printed the 3DHousing05 project; a 100 sqm – 4 rooms – villa. The villa consists out of 35 wall elements which were printed on-site at Piazza Beccaria in Milan in only 46 hours.

The project, 3D Housing 05, was built on-site by CyBe’s robot printer as a way of showing how 3D-printing can reduce construction waste but still create a beautiful space. The house is the first of its kind, because it is 3D-printed, but can be deconstructed and reassembled somewhere else.

Massimiliano Locatelli, CLS Architetti, in collaboration with CyBe Construction, has designed a house for Milano Design Week 2018. It showcases a project for a 100 square meter house, 3d printed on site, at the Piazza Cesare Beccaria in Milan, Italy.

A research project into the possibilities of 3d printing in the field of sustainable architecture, responding to the increasingly urgent revolution in the world of housing. The project stems from a desire to reflect on our future, to improve the quality of life through the revolution of technology.