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De Vergaderfabriek

  • Meeting space
  • Office
Teuge, The Netherlands2018

“Build us the first – highly complex double curved building.” A challenging but extremely attractive mission. As a result, 3D printing fitted as the most important construction method which has been taken into account by CyBe and its subcontractors including additional hired consultants.

De Vergaderfabriek is a 100m2 building which is established by CyBe Construction B.V. in collaboration with Revelating, The Form Foundation, and Witteveen&Bos, in the execution of Center4Moods. Although at the start we functioned as sub-contractors, eventually it was economically feasible for the client when we became the General contractor in order to end the project within stated budget. The results are stunning, as well as efficient and sustainable.

An architectural highlight

The nearby airport forms the inspiration of the shape of De Vergaderfabriek. The succession of open and close, with a circular space as the basis, has led to a building that is manifested as the blades of a turbine. The blades rotate, and are capable of opening as well as closing views, depending on the position of the observer. An architectural highlight.


This is what has led to a design in which the curved walls are all unique and come with a different shapes. They are 3D printed in concrete. This results in a building that looks different from every angle. Such a shape can hardly be built by only using traditional building methods. De Vergaderfabriek is established deriving from the passion to facilitate individuals, teams, and groups by providing the perfect experience to work and co-work in. The circular shape used materials and the technology inside will create a versatile sustainable and circular space. The ideal environment to achieve goals, get new insights and get inspired.


The fact that this building was 3D concrete printed, 40% less Co2 emissions, and a waste reduction of 70% were achieved. The printing time of all walls is 10 days and this building is the first commercially building realized by 3D concrete printing in Europe. That’s what makes us proud.